Petite Suite

Guillermo Laporta, fluteJonathan Cohen, clarinetJosefina Urraca, piano

The Petite Suite, L 65, is a suite for piano four hands by Claude Debussy. It has been transcribed many times, most notably in an orchestral version by Debussy’s colleague Henri Büsser.

The suite, which was composed from 1886 to 1889, was first performed on 2 February 1889 by Debussy and pianist-publisher Jacques Durand at a salon in Paris.[2] It may have been written due to a request (possibly from Durand) for a piece that would be accessible to skilled amateurs, as its simplicity is in stark contrast with the modernist works that Debussy was writing at the time.

The work, which lasts about 13 minutes in performance, has four movements:

En bateau (Sailing): Andantino
Cortège (Retinue): Moderato
Menuet: Moderato
Ballet: Allegro giusto

The first two movements are settings of poems from the volume Fêtes galantes by Paul Verlaine (1844–1896).

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