Experience the haunting beauty of Vivaldi’s “La Notte” in this arrangement for flute, string trio, and piano. This performance brings a fresh and intimate perspective to Vivaldi’s masterful composition, blending the rich tones of strings with the delicate expressiveness of the flute and the harmonic depth of the piano.

Harriet Langley, violin
Mathew Cohen, viola
Julia Yang, cello
Guillermo Laporta, flute
Josefina Urraca, piano

“La Notte”, Flute Concerto in G Minor, RV. 439 [10′]
00:00 I. Largo
01:48 II. Presto (Fantasmi) [2′]
02:33 III. Largo [2′]
03:49 IV. Presto [1′]
04:55 V. Largo (Il sonno) [2′]
06:23 VI. Allegro [2′]

About the Piece:
Antonio Vivaldi’s “La Notte” is part of his famous collection of flute concertos, each capturing the essence of different times of the day. “La Notte” (The Night) is known for its evocative, dream-like quality and dramatic contrasts. This arrangement highlights the piece’s intricate textures and emotional depth, making it a truly enchanting listening experience.

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