Guillermo Laporta, fluteMarieken Cochius, painter

  • Written in 2009
  • Live recorded December 2, 2021

Mario Diaz de Leon is an acclaimed composer and performer, whose work encompasses modern classical music, experimental electronic music, extreme metal, and creative improvised music. Luciform is part 4 of the “Mansion Cycle” (2009-2011), and the third work in “Cosmology”, an ongoing series of works for solo performer and electronics. Luciform is a concerto for flute and electronic music. Latin lux, lucis (light) + form, “light-form” Lucifer “light-bearer”, “the morning star”. Seeking illumination through transgression of boundaries. Luciform is a journey inward, a movement through a series of vision states. A difficult path, a rite of passage, hovering between diabolical intensity and lucid wakefulness.

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