We Can Learn Me Together

Guillermo Laporta, fluteJosefina Urraca, pianoMatthew Cohen, viola

“We Can Learn Me Together” was written for pianist Clare Longendyke and violin/viola duo Sonic Apricity for the 2019 Alba Composition Festival in Alba, Italy. The title of the work is based on the last line of a poem written by my then-girlfriend, now wife, Jess Willis, shortly after we first started dating. Her poem is a deeply personal reflection on the vulnerability inherent to allowing someone to learn beyond the “marketable parts of [yourself].” The feeling of vulnerability, I think, is inherent to creativity; and for me, that manifests itself in this piece with the question: “Could you read a piece of music the same way you read a letter or a poem?” This piece was an attempt to answer that question. I tried to describe the musical events, ideas, and feelings through prose that was written in such a way that, when performed as described, would cause the piece to fit together seamlessly. To my surprise, the experiment worked, and this method of composing has become a staple in my creative process.” -Bryan Wysocki

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